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What about the location?

A Central Location is considered one of the most important qualifiers for a luxury home. But consider this – a project that is situated at a city’s prominent junction, congested throughout the day, does not provide a luxurious experience.

Accessibility is key here. Investors need to look at location parameters such as approach roads that allow residents and visitors easy entry and exit. The home should be able to easily host friends and relatives. Most owners want their homes to be seen and admired. A convenient vehicular approach is too valuable for residents or investors to overlook.

Noise and Air Pollution are native to busy junctions or ongoing construction projects in the area. Serenity and safety are factors that are affected by your surroundings. Considering these aspects also help you determine the value of a home.

Let’s talk about the view from the apartments. How does this affect the value of a project? Is it Overlooking a congestion-prone road? A hospital or a university? Even swimming pools and jacuzzis cannot compensate for an undesirable view. We all desire a view with a positive energy that adds to the serenity of the home. However, this aspect comes with a price and can be the difference between a standard apartment and one that truly is what luxury is meant to be.

Right on Peroorkada Main Road and overlooking the Western Ghats, Powerlink Hilary, is a prime example of a luxury home. Reach out to us today and make a visit to Powerlink Hilary.

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