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Powerlink Privileges

Powerlink Builders imagines a long and fruitful relationship with our clients. By providing the best supportive services, we can ensure your property is maintained, worthwhile and safe.
Your process with us is enhanced by strong relationships with professionals, banks and of course our clients providing repeated business. We also have strong working relationships with housing authorities and associations.
We provide you our experienced personnel for services that begin with financing your home to maximizing the long-term growth of your investment.

Loan Assistance

Powerlink’s strong relationships with all major banks allow you to fast track your loan process. We at Powerlink support and follow up on all stages of your process. These banks include HDFC, Canara Bank, SBI and Federal Bank.


Our diligent and efficient approach to the competitive and fast rising rental property market, allows you to have the upper hand with letting your apartment. Our consultants guide you through the entire rental property process for a rewarding arrangement.
All activities such as making agreements, collecting rentals and depositing in bank accounts and so on are handled by our representative.


Our dedicated resale team gives you the support you need at every phase of your investment; finding buyers to negotiating price. We only attempt to give you the highest return on your investment. Using our wealth of experience we can help you find the perfect sale.


Our strong squad of Powerlink certified technicians undertakes any maintenance requirements for your property. We only source highly trained and seasoned personnel supervised under Powerlink property managers assuring you the safety and quality of your property.


All Powerlink projects are equipped with House Keeping services that keep the entire property and its surroundings clean and hygienic. The service is also provided for the apartments of the building.
Housekeeping services can be availed even when you are away from your property. Your home will be cleaned and maintained under our supervision by our house keeping staff. Powerlink Privileges keeps you notified when the mentioned services are being carried out in your home.

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